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A home for your community

Does your club, sports team, church or other community need a home on the web?

Why waste your time trying to configure start pages, forums, chat rooms or calendars – when Friendica delivers all that and more out of the box?

What’s more: If you run a Friendica site for your community, you can offer your members a social networking platform for all their private needs, too. As a community, you can federate with friendly organizations – but your members can also use Friendica to connect to private contacts on Facebook, Diaspora, Twitter and other services they use.

Who benefits?

In essence, a Friendica site offers your members a Swiss Army Knife for all their personal social networking activities – while also functioning as a community network and highly versatile focal point for your organization.

But the best news is yet to come: Friendica is unincorporated and free – free as in free of charge and free as in freedom of speech. You rule your own database, and nobody gets to mine your information. You can even delete it all without trace tomorrow!

If you install Friendica, you aren’t subjecting your users to questionable privacy standards and other forms of humiliation. You aren’t turning them into a product by donating their data to Facebook or Google (or anyone else). In other words: You aren’t abusing their trust.

And you can even do something for your sponsors...

Why let Facebook throw random bike ads at your cycling group, when the only company that supports your club is your local cycling shop? Invite its owner to join your club’s Friendica forum and post a promotional message once a month. It’s your site and your choice. By default, Friendica is ad-free – there’s no space for banners. But perhaps you want to reward a sponsor’s loyalty and allow an occasional post. Expand a relationship that benefits your organization, instead of helping to make Facebook rich.

Why are we telling you this?

Because the age of privacy-violation and arbitrary censorship on the internet needs to be over as fast as it started. Because walling people in on platforms like Facebook and Google+ is the very opposite of social networking – it’s a parody of dignified communication. Whose business is it to tell you which of your friends you can reach and what you are allowed to post? Why should your friends have to join a commercial, data-mining network just so you can talk to them?

Friendica’s goal is to help you connect to ALL your friends on your own terms – and Friendica doesn’t want anything in return. No money. No data. No obligations at all. Friendica’s only aim is to re-establish freedom and data sovereignty on the internet.


Social is… for people!


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