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Using the WordPress connector

Friendica's WordPress connector puts your WordPress blog bang in the middle of your social networking activities - ensuring an active and interested comment community for your news and thoughts.

Quite simply, you use it to cross-post selected contributions written on Friendica to your WordPress blog site. This works with both types of WordPress blog - self-hosted ones and those run on

We have a demo site showing how the connector can be used to embed your WordPress blog in your Friendica network.

To use the connector, it must simply be activated by your admin. Then look for the WordPress connector user settings and enter the URL of your site with /xmlrpc.php attached to it. Example:

You will need to supply your blog username and password, of course. Also, you can activate the back-link option which adds a link back to the original Friendica thread to your blog entry - enabling readers who aren't Friendica users to see the comments you have received. You can see this in action on the demo site. If you additionally use the Facebook, or Twitter connectors, you can notify further contacts of your blog entries, too.

Note: Blogs hosted on are automatically ready to receive posts from elsewhere, such as Friendica or a smartphone app. If you self-host your blog on a site of your own, you first need to enable this feature as the admin of your WordPress instance. This is easy, go to: Settings -> Writing -> Enable Remote Publishing XML-RPC


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