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Why host your own?

The difference between Friendica and many commercial open source projects on the Internet is this:

They usually offer a free public service - so do we, run by volunteers.

They usually offer an enhanced package - so do we, but we don't make you pay for it. It's also free and we encourage you to make use of it.

For resource reasons, our public servers may not unleash the full power of Friendica. By downloading the free code and running your own site, you can choose exactly which options you want for yourself. And you have a type of security and freedom that is special - the admin you trust with your data is you! No one else controls you. We don't have the slightest say in anything you do with your site.

And that is exactly what we are aiming for!

General Features
  Personal Server Public Server
"Like" something
"Dislike" something
Birthday notifications
Events calendar
Selectable themes
Multiple profiles
Edit sent post/comment
  Personal Server Public Server
Share public posts
Share public photos
Share private posts
Share private photos

Private conversation groups

Send private messages (mail)

"Wall-to-wall" posting
Photo albums
Limited upload size
  Private Server Public Server
View Friendica in stream
View Facebook in stream

not possible anymore due

changes in Facebook politics

not possible anymore due

changes in Facebooks politics

View Twitter in stream
Varies by admin
View GNU Social in stream
Varies by admin
View Diaspora in stream
Varies by admin
View blogs/RSS in stream

View email in stream /

use live chat

Varies by admin
  Private Server Public Server
Extensibility via plugins
Admin's discretion
External access API
Expire posts if desired

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