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Why Friendica?

Some people still don't understand what Friendica is. It's a solution that replaces walled gardens like Facebook in today's world, because we want to be free and unmonitored when we talk to our friends.
Friendica therefore has a network technology of its own: freedom and privacy aware. But it also recognises the reality and popularity of platforms like Facebook - and talks to Facebook contacts, just as it talks to Diaspora, Twitter or contacts. It tears down the walls... and when people see torn down walls, they will eventually step over the rubble and join us outside them.

Friendica recognises the need for real distribution on small servers as the basic prerequisite for privacy and Internet freedom. It therefore embraces technologies that make non-geek installation easy - for instance, the technologies that are part of many cheap and simple shared hosting deals today.

Friendica has a vision, but it doesn't see visions as starting sometime in the future. Friendica's visions start today. Friendica is re-opening the Internet already - and it doesn't just do so for people who use it. We don't think of people on Facebook as deluded victims who might join us when they see 'the light' in five years' time. Friendica provides bridges for people to cross - if they want to, and in both directions. But if they don't want to use those bridges, they don't need to. They retain freedom of choice.

And finally, Friendica isn't only feature-rich - it's stable. It's not something that's going to work properly some time in the future, because it already works.


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