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Platform: PHP/MySQL/Apache

License: AGPL3

Cost: FREE



    • Decentralised architecture with no central authority or ownership
    • Relationships can be made across any compatible system, creating a network of internet scale made up of smaller sites
    • Language selector (or automatic detection) with a growing list of supported translations
    • Administration interface with access to site settings, plugin administration, log files, member management
    • Community page provides recent public posts from across the site (respects all privacy controls)
    • Member directory (respects all privacy controls)
    • Site content search with boolean capability (respects all privacy controls)
    • Extensible via third-party plugin modules and themes. A growing number of both are currently available.
    • Easy upgrades. Database schema is automatically brought up to date.
    • Message queuing and redelivery for reliable communications which are immune to brief network outages
    • Supports 'Apps' which are third-party plugin applications such as games or utilities
    • Built-in Help and Documentation


    • Server-to-server military grade message encryption (on supported networks)
    • All items controlled by access lists (individuals and groups - allow and deny)
    • Private conversation groups - on these pages all communications are restricted to group members - similar to Google+ "circles" or Diaspora "aspects"
    • Visual group editor to manage the members of private conversation groups
    • Individuals may belong to more than one group
    • Network 'email' - provides 'one-to-one' private messaging to any Friendica or Diaspora member, even those on different sites
    • Anonymous profile viewing (any of your content and/or profile information) can be disabled
    • Publishing your profile to network directories (site and global) is individually controllable
    • Private profiles with controlled visibility. You can maintain completely different personality profiles visible only to specific people.
    • Optionally "expire" old content after a certain period of time. The content is also removed from all other Friendica servers which might be holding a copy
    • Location and other private information embedded in uploaded photos from cell phones is stripped
    • Download your personal data. It all belongs to you.

Status Updates

    • "Unlimited" length - many sites will allow up to 200k characters per post.
    • Rich text supported - bold, italics, colour, size, tables, more
    • Media support includes audio, video, embeds, links, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, uploaded photos, file attachments, more
    • Optional location/geotagging of posts using a default location or use browser tracking
    • Edit your posts after they have been published
    • Common tag formats supported including @mentions and #tags
    • Code blocks are provided for computer-related communications
    • Likes, and dislikes
    • Commenting
    • Sharing of posts (those which are not private)
    • Multiple deletion (delete all selected items)
    • Seamless wall-to-wall posts and remote comments, even across different network nodes
    • Notes to self - maintain your own private notebook


    • Birthday notifications - timezone corrected so that if you are in Phoenix and I am in Perth you won't get the birthday greeting on the wrong day.
    • Personal and shared events with calendar.


    • Photo Albums - with full privacy support
    • Supports photo tagging
    • Private photo album viewing allowed across network nodes


    • A default public profile is provided - which may be restricted
    • Multiple profiles may be created, each uniquely configured for the intended audience
    • Existing profiles may be cloned to create similar profiles which only differ in minor details
    • Visual editor allows you to select which friends can view which profile
    • Rich selection of available profile information categories


    • Built-in support for OStatus federation (,, GNU-social, many others)
    • Built-in implementation of Diaspora protocols allows communication with any Diaspora member.
    • Email contacts and communications supported (two-way) via IMAP4rev1/ESMTP
    • Arbitrary websites and blogs may be imported into your social stream via RSS/Atom feeds
    • Oembed embedding support
    • OpenID
    • Gravatars
    • Facebook, Twitter, Status.Net,,, libertree and G+ "post-through" ability using plugin modules
    • Facebook contacts and posts may be imported and become an extension of the Friendica network
    • Posts can also be shared with WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr
    • OExchange link sharing supported
    • PortableContacts provides information about friends between allowed sites using a standards-compliant format.
    • OpenSearch provider interface
    • Basic Twitter/StatusNet API provides easy access from a growing number of mobile and third party applications (Bitlbee, Choqok, Frentcl, Gwibber, Hotot, IdentiCurse, Pidgin/Purple, Mustard, Pino, TTYtter, and more)


    • Sites can restrict friendships based on protocol, email addresses, and DNS location
    • Fan (one-way) relationships are fully supported
    • Community pages can be created for large special interest groups
    • Automatic friend suggestions
    • Any contact can be blocked completely or quietly "ignored"
    • Ability to match people in the directory based on interests
    • Suggest/recommend existing friends to other friends


    • Network page (the combined stream of all your friends' activities) is searchable by keyword and marked items, by group, and by individual.
    • Comments and multiple posts are collapsed to the most recent (these may be expanded)
    • "View New Items" shows all recent activities in your network in reverse date order

So what are you waiting for?

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