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Friendica was developed on the most widely used web development platform on the planet - PHP, MySQL, and Apache. If you are a talented web developer, we could use your help to make Friendica better. You can do this in many ways....

    • Help us develop the core application
    • Extend Friendica with plugin modules to do new and interesting things which we never anticipated
    • Create new and interesting themes to showcase Friendica in new ways
    • Translate Friendica to other languages at Transifex
    • Install a server and open it to the public (or at least all of your immediate friends/family) - so we can all help to share the load

The first step in helping us is to join our developer forum at Friendica-Dev. Then grab a copy of our source repository from Github. We've got lots of projects. If you don't know where to begin, please visit our issues database and start by finding a bug or feature which you feel comfortable working on.  You are welcome to suggest new projects, but we suggest you take some time and learn the code a bit and ask questions before tackling a huge project.

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