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Friendica 2.37 released

Friendica 2.37 is available now at github.

Major changes since 2.3:

A moment of silence

Let's take a moment of silence to remember Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the founders of the Diaspora project who passed away last night.


An introduction to Friendica "shared tags"

Friendica is introducing a new feature in version 2.4 called "shared tagging" (this is mostly working at the time of this writing for anybody who wishes to try it).

To understand this feature one needs to know a bit about how tagging works in social networks - and then why this works differently in decentralised/distributed social networks.

What's in a name?

The Friendica project has a new name. We're spelling Friendica with a 'C' rather than a 'K'. It's pronounced exactly the same, but we feel that the original spelling was turning out to be detrimental to our project and mission, as the 'ika' suffix tends to have certain political and dogmatic associations in some countries that weren't originally anticipated. This was giving many people negative impressions of our project and mission without ever taking the time to find out what we stand for - which is the right to freedom and privacy in our online communications.

Roadmap for Friendica 2.4

It's just over a year since we introduced Friendica (Friendika) 2.0 - and provided the first glimpse of what a privacy enhanced federated social web might look like. In that time we've linked to social resources all over the internet, brought them to your social stream, and in many cases allowed you to interact with them. During that time, we've been on a relentless march to give you more features and tools to better make use of this new social universe.


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