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Using Friendica forums

We have a new how-to about using Friendica's forums and community pages - an increasingly popular feature and one that gives newcomers instant access to interesting content. Read more about it here:

Put email in your social stream

We've got a new how-to explaining use of Friendica's email connector - because a lot of people were unable to find and activate this powerful feature. It lets you integrate normal email contacts in your social stream. For instance, Uncle Jack who refuses to join any social networks will then still receive your status updates from a family vacation - simply by reading his email.

Here's the guide: Using Friendica's email connector

What happened to Zot?

Some people are curious what happened to zot, the next generation communications protocol for Friendica. It was due in December, and it's March already. WTF?

The world is changing pretty quickly, and especially so in the decentralised web communications landscape. The short story is that zot was obsolete before it got off the ground.

Using SSL with Friendica

We now have a how-to dealing with SSL use for Friendica, including specific information about free certificates from StartSSL:

Note: This is for people running their own Friendica servers. Other users do not need to read this.

Why Friendica?

Some people still don't understand what Friendica is. It's a solution that replaces walled gardens like Facebook in today's world, because we want to be free and unmonitored when we talk to our friends.

Using XMPP clients with Friendica

We've got a new article dealing with how to use XMPP (chat) with Friendica, even including your Facebook contacts. Getting started is very easy. Take a look here. Also a reminder: Friendica has an IRC plugin you can use, too. You'll find it in your Apps menu if your site admin has activated it.

Friendica 2.38 released

We would like to announce the immediate availability of Friendica version 2.38, the latest release of the Friendica Communications Platform.

Friendica is a highly advanced web communication tool - with a mission to ultimately set you, your friends, and family free from data-mining corporate interests.  

Somebody asked me...


(Posted by Mike Macgirvin - creator of Friendica)

Somebody asked me - "Why are you building a social network? Do you really think you can challenge Facebook?"

If you've looked at Friendica and what we're all about, you'll quickly see that I'm not building a social network. You aren't even close.

So then, why am I trying to convince people they should use Friendica?

Indeed. I work my butt off on this project and get nothing in return but ridicule and scorn for trying to do something good for the benefit of humanity.

German computer magazine praises Friendica

Germany's leading computer magazine c't on Friendica: "Friendica demonstrates how decentralized social networks can become widely accepted: with a versatile set of features that (almost) everyone can install on their own server and that can connect to many existing networks."

In an article on privacy-aware social networks, the magazine emphasizes ease of (server) installation as one of Friendica's main strengths, saying that: "Friendica is currently probably closest to the principle of a distributed social network that anyone can install."


Zot-id is Friendica's next-generation internet scale access control which is based on OpenID, URI templates, and webfinger - and is completely free and open technology.

Many decentralised social projects (such as Diaspora and StatusNet) are unable to apply access controls to things like photos, file attachments, and profiles - and instead make all of these resources public (perhaps "obscured" but ultimately visible to anybody with an internet connection).


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