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Installation now even easier

The installation routine has been streamlined to catch and solve even more potential problems automatically. To reflect this, we have updated our Quick installation guide for beginners. Setting up a Friendica site is now even easier!

A home for your community

Does your club, sports team, church or other community need a home on the web?

Why waste your time trying to configure start pages, forums, chat rooms or calendars – when Friendica delivers all that and more out of the box?

Who do you trust?

The volunteers who run our public servers want to help you escape from monopolies that spy on you and exploit your data.

They do that by giving you a new platform for your communications - and welcome everyone who uses their sites. But that's not everything they do. They also want you to think about privacy and freedom and what these terms really mean. They would like to help you go even further in recreating an internet that exists for its users. That's why they ask: Who do you trust?

Friendica enhances WordPress

We have a new demo site showing how Friendica can be used to embed your WordPress blog in an active comment community.

There is also a brief how-to here.

Connection works with both types of WordPress blog - self-hosted ones and those hosted on

Is your blog getting lonely? Try integrating it in Friendica.

Friendica 3.0 released

Announcing the immediate availability of Friendica 3.0, the next generation communications platform for the web.

Friends host friends...

... is a hashtag (#friendshostfriends) and a new way of looking at the social Internet.

If you don't feel up to hosting your own Friendica site (strongly recommended and very easy) the next best thing is to join a site you can trust almost as fully as you would trust your own - because it's run by a friend.

Run a Friendica server at home

We now have a disk image for use with Virtual Box. It is very easily configured to run your own Friendica site from home - using your existing hardware. Read more and download the image here:

Test sites - try it out

We're assembling a list of test sites for people to test-drive Friendica prior to installation or joining a full public server. You can find these sites here:

Test sites can be implemented in various ways and may have restricted functionality. In general, accounts will expire after a set time period.


Friendica gets integrated chat

Friendica now has integrated chat in your browser window - similar to Facebook, in fact. An XMPP plugin called jappixmini optionally auto-subscribes to Friendica contacts and auto-approves them. You can add other contacts manually or even configure the addon to integrate Facebook chat buddies. We have a how-to on use and installation of the plugin here:

This extension is based on work by the Jappix project.

Quick installation guide for beginners

We have a new, very ungeeky installation guide for beginners on our Resources pages. Use it to set up a personal or family Friendica site without learning Tech-nese first.  With any luck, you may not even need a text editor. Check it out here.

It's not the only way of installing Friendica. But it's one almost everyone can master.


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