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Red - welcome to the network


The Friendica project is pleased to announce the Developer Preview release of "red" -  a new concept in online communications.

Because somebody has to stand up for the people of the internet...

You may obtain a copy via git at

Friendica 3.1 release

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Friendica 3.1

Changes from ~friendica 3.01 to 3.1

Friendica and Red

I get asked this a lot - "What is the difference between Friendica and Red?" Is Friendica "going away"?

Not at all. Red is providing us an opportunity to develop some novel concepts in decentralised communications which haven't been tried before.

Ultimately Red is being created for a different audience than those who might gravitate towards Friendica. Friendica is a great personal communications service - and the fact that we can federate with many other services makes this a highly desirable platform.

EdgeRank and Content Filtering

Facebook has gotten a lot of press recently over its "EdgeRank" feature. This is basically a filter that sits between you and your friends. Facebook decides what to allow through the filter so that you can see it.  Current estimates are that you only see about 15% of the posts made by your friends. How and why they do this are interesting topics. It seems mostly to be a way to get advertisers to pay more money to get in your face. There's also a claim that seeing all posts and activities would quickly get tedious and therefore you should only be able to see stuff that's "interesting".

Mobility between sites

Friendica just received a nice new feature - the ability to take your account elsewhere (e.g. to another server) and keep all your friends. You've always been able to export your content, but until now we haven't had a good import tool. It's a hard problem. We still have some issues with importing the old posts and content, but keeping one's friends is the most important thing that people said they wanted when they re-located to other servers.


by  Commander Zot

I've been working on Red for three months (off and on, there are lots of demands on my time). Here is an update.

Friendica Red - help us

My name is Mike Macgirvin. I am a software developer.

I'll get to the point.  Help us save the web.

Getting Facebook (and Google) out of our private lives is the most important technical challenge facing the web in this generation. We MUST do this, as the grip of control is reaching further and further where it doesn't belong - and the implications for the future are positively scary for humanity.

The way we must do this is to take back our personal and social communications.

Friendica Project Update - August 2012

by Mike Macgirvin

A lot is going on in the Free Social Web - and especially with the Friendica project so I thought I would take a few minutes to provide a general update.

The right Friendica for you

A lot of people want full control over their social networking and choose to install their own Friendica sites - not a daunting task at all. Some go a step further and set up larger sites to serve specific communities or the general public. Any Friendica site you install is a step forward for the entire project. But before you wade in, perhaps you'd like a brief overview of the requirements for the various types of site. Read more here.

How to run a public or community site

Running a Friendica site for yourself and five to ten other people is very easy. But maintaining a much larger server requires some expertise. You need to ensure that your resources are used wisely.


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