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Com­mu­nity Meet­ing in Zwenkau /​Sax­ony

The Friendica Community meets 21st to 23rd August in Zwenkau Germany.

Friendica 3.4.1 released

Three month after 'Lily of the valley' was released we just released an important update for Friendica. Anybody who has enabled RINO should really update; anybody else as well.

Friendica 3.4 "Lily of the valley" released

Dear federation, we did not quiet make it for April 1st, but instead we gave our latest release of Friendica the Easter bunny to distribute. We are pleased to announce the availability of our new stable release 3.4 of Friendica, aka Lily of the valley.

Friendica 3.3.3 released

We are happy to announce the availability of Friendica 3.3.3, or as Fabio put it: Annun­tio vobis gaudium mag­num: habe­mus Frien­dica 3.3.3.

Friendica 3.3.2 released

We are happy to announce the availability of Friendica version 3.3.2 just in time so you can set it up over the holidays. Have a merry time dear Federation!

Friendica 3.3.1 released

Dear federation! We are pleased to annouce the release of Friendica 3.3.1, which fixes some bugs and enhances the API functionality.

Friendica 3.3 "Ginger" release

Dear federation! We proudly present our latest friendica release 3.3 a.k.a "Ginger"!

Coming in September 2014: Friendica Hackathon in Berlin, Germany

(Reposted from Tobias Diekershoff)

Upcoming in September: Friendica Hackathon in Berlin, Germany.

Friendica 3.2 Release

Friendica team is proud to present Friendica 3.2, the new version of our Personal Federated Communication Server.
What's new:


Red Matrix Website

We're splitting off the Red Matrix website into its own space - as the project is maturing rapidly and Friendica is evolving on its own track now.

You can follow the Red Matrix primarily through the github repository at

with some documentation available at

and we have a new landing page describing the project in high level terms at


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